About us...


When I started recycling waste into useful products the business was rightly recognised as a pioneer and ingenious force for good. Clearly ahead of the curve in the ‘90s. We were (and still are) an environmental campaigning company standing against the negligent dumping of precious resources into landfill.

A quarter of a century later we are all now in the fight of our lives - for our planet, and our environment. Remarkable and what we represent are now necessities. We are facing a climate emergency, critical habit loss, biblical pollution and unrestricted exploitation of natural resources. The wider realisation is that our previous way of life is wholly unsustainable. We just cannot go on like this, we all recognise it.

Ground breaking at the time, our first invention was turning an everyday plastic coffee cup into a brand new pencil. A billion pencils later, the success of this inspiring idea is a living witness to the desire for people to effect change by their own responsible behaviour and decisions. With a remarkable product we can give ourselves a welcome pat on the back for getting involved, making a difference and doing the right thing. All our brand products have an environmental identity that tells the truth. They tell us their history, they tell us what they used to be. Pens say they used to be car parts, and notepads that they used to be newspapers, magazines, drinks bottles and office waste. We can all see and take part in the positive journey of their recycling and recreation as a handy everyday item.

Allied to our passion for the planet, we believe in science and a wanting to innovate gets us out of bed every morning. We have upped the game of existing methodologies to manufacture our range of products with off the scale recycling technology. remarkable is widely recognised for its scientific purity and credibility.

Ed Douglas-Miller is remarkable, an environmentalist. He’s the boffin behind the company. Never more than in these days of climate emergency have we been more in need of experts and scientific excellence. Ed delivers integrity to our process and he and Remarkable have consistently been recognised as prescient and gifted creators in the vital field of new use for waste. Design Council awards, Invention of the Year, Environmental Company of the Year, Recycled product of the Year, Outstanding services to Industry awards, even a Guinness world record are all testament to remarkable being just that, remarkable.